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Based on the information we have, we are able to find traces (personal documents, photos, testimonials …) of about 400 deportees.

For more than 900 of them, there is no direct way to find documents (no descendants, entire families were destroyed).

However we have for each deported basic information that could allow us to find their traces: Name, first name, maiden name for married women, date and place of birth.

Hence the idea of ​​offering secondary school students in each country concerned, to search in their town or village, the traces of these deportees who were born and lived where they live today, their grandparents may have met or even known.

The EU welcomes the commitment by the Association Convoy 77 to teach the history of the Holocaust and the Second World War. Thanks to the active participation of European countries in this project, younger generations will learn that preserving the memory of the Shoah is fundamental to safeguarding European values of tolerance and openness

Ambassador Emanuele GIAUFRET
Szef delegacji Unii Europejskiej w Izraelu

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By group or individually, these young people (supervised by their teachers) will carry out an investigation that will probably start at the town hall or the local archives headquarters, and will take them to the places where these people have grown, lived, studied and worked. They will collect testimonials, while developing their knowledge about their environment and their history.

The information thus collected will be centralized and put online on the site.

Through this process, thousands of young Europeans will be able to better understand World War II and the Holocaust by actively investigating facts about their close environment, while having the satisfaction of participating in an international memory project. .

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