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Irmgard aka Erika AUBRY, née HIRSCH


(In the family archives other names will be found that she gave herself – or was later given – such as Jacqueline, Jackie)

Irmgard Erika Hirsch was born in Düsseldorf, Germany on November 20, 1909.

She had a sister, Marguerite (1903), and a brother, Ernst Morris (1904).


Her parents were Ludwig Hirsch, born in Mülheim an der Rhur on May 1, 1877 and Claire Kaufmann, born on July 1, 1879, also in Mülheim an der Rhur.


It is not known when she arrived in France.

At the end of the 30’s she worked as a hairdresser in Paris.

In 1939 she married Fernand Aubry, who was a hairdresser and beautician. She was written a personal compliment by Sacha Guitry, which has been kept by the family and is reproduced below.


Meanwhile her parents went to live in the Netherlands. They survived the war there, hidden with families in Driebergen, like so many other Jews. (This writer wishes to recall that the Netherlands can claim the highest number of the Just among all nations.)


On July 14, 1944 Irmgard Erika, residing at n° 10 rue Maspero, was imprisoned in the Drancy camp with the I.D. number 25113. The sum of 1691 francs of hers was impounded, as is attested by the camp receipt (Receipt n° 6460 in the camp’s counterfoil receipt book n° 156).

She was four and a half months pregnant.


On July 31 she was deported in convoy 77 to Auschwitz, where she was murdered on the 4th of August, as testified by at least two fellow deportees.


Later, after the war her husband, along with her nephew Michaël and her niece Elizabeth, tried incessantly but vainly to find her, believing they had recognized her in a film showing survivors from Bergen-Belsen.



Irmgard Erika AUBRY, née Hirsch: Information

  • Dates: 1909-1944
  • City of birth: Düsseldorf (Germany)
  • City where arrested: PARIS (FRANCE)
  • Age at her arrest: 34
  • Places of residence: Düsseldorf (Germany), Paris (France)
  • Contributor: Marc Hordies, Michaël’s son-in-law



  1. Memorial of the Shoah
  2. Family archives
  3. June 7, 1987 JOURNAL OFFICIEL OF THE FRENCH REPUBLIC page 06201. State Secretariat for Veterans Decree of April 22, 1987 concerning the mention “Died in deportation” on death certificates
Imgard AUBRY née le 20 novembre 1909 déportée de Drancy le 31 juillet 1944 par le convoi n°77.


Marc HORDIES, mari d'Anne LUCAS, petite nièce d'Irmgard Erika AUBRY née HIRSCH
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  1. Aubry jean-paul 6 months ago

    Bonjour. Fernand AUBRY était l’un des frères de mon père, Georges AUBRY. Je savais dans quelles circonstances ma tante était décédée, mais, mon oncle s’etant remarié, j’etais toujours à la recherche du visage de cette tante que je n’ai jamais connue. Merci pour votre photo qui m’a permis de connaitre celle-ci.

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