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Translated from the biography established by the AFMD (Friends of the Foundation for the Memory of Deportation from the Allier Department):

Albert MARX

Albert MARX was born on April 22, 1902 in Mulhouse in the Alsatian department of the Haut-Rhin. He was the son of Simon MARX and Florence née LOEB.
He left Pont-de-Beauvoisin in the Isère department to join his parents in Lapalisse (Allier department), where they were living in the hamlet called le Petit Paris.

They were listed as French Jews in Lapalisse under the terms of the French state’s Anti-Semitic Law of June 2, 1944.

(Source: Departmental archives of the Allier department 756 W 1)

He was listed by the French state in 1943 as a French Jew.

(Source: Departmental archives of the Allier department 996 W 778 W 112)

On June 11, 1942 his father Simon died in the Lapalisse Hospital.

He was arrested with his mother in the roundup of June 30, 1944 organized in Lapalisse by the collaborator Georges Jany BATISSIER alias Capitaine SCHMIDT. They were interned in the Mal-Coiffée German military prison at Moulins (Allier) and transferred on July 15, 1944 to Drancy, where Albert was attributed I.D. n° 25146.

They were deported on July 31, 1944 from Drancy to Auschwitz in convoy n° 77.

(Source for the above document: Mémorial de la Shoah C77_41)

In  Le Mémorial de la Déportation des Juifs de France, Serge Klarsfeld writes about convoy n° 77: “The number of deportees was 1300. This convoy 77 (…) hauled toward the Auschwitz gas chambers more than 300 children under the age of 18. (…) 291 men were selected with I.D. numbers B 3673 to B 3963; the same for 283 women (A 16457 to A 16739). In 1945 there were 209 survivors, of whom 141 were women”.

He died on July 31, 1944

  • in deportation according to the Mulhouse public records
  • in a place unknown according to the Journal Officiel n° 9 of January 11, 1995.

The Journal Officiel of January 11, 1995 should not have ignored the law published in the Journal Officiel of May 15, 1985.

Law N° 85/528 of May 15, 1985

                       on the acts and judgments certifying the death of persons who died in deportation

Article 3 – When it has been established that a person was part of a deportation convoy with no word of that person subsequent to that convoy’s date of departure, his death is presumed to have taken place on the fifth day following that date, at the destination of the convoy.

According to the law of May 15, 1985, Albert MARX died on August 5, 1944 at Auschwitz, Poland.

“Died in deportation” according to the decree of the War Veterans Ministry dated November 10, 1994 published in the Journal Officiel n° 9 of January 11, 1995.



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