Signature of an agreement between the Association of the families and friends of the deportees of Convoy 77, and the Paris Police Prefecture

On Monday, March 12, the President of the Convoy 77 Association and the Prefect of the Paris Police signed an agreement warranting very broad and professional access to the Archives of the Paris Police Prefecture, in order to facilitate its action and round out the documentation needed to draw up the biographies of the deportees. This agreement authorizes the association to formally acknowledge these documents on their internet site and in any other eventual publications (in compliance with the rules governing the reproduction of archives).


The signature ceremony took place in the offices of the Prefect of Paris Police, in the presence of numerous prefects and top echelon civil servants, whose presence conferred a symbolically important solemnity on the act. In his speech, some recorded extracts of which are reproduced below, Mr Michel Delpuech, the Prefect of the Paris Police, emphasized this importance.


Getting involved

European project Convoi 77

Teaching the history of the Holocaust and of the Second World War from a different angle







A different way to teach

International participation

In each of the 37 countries, which these deportees originated from, high school students will trace people who were born and/or lived in the town or the village where they themselves are living today.


Supervised by their teachers, the students will undertake a real inquiry to find information, documents, testimonies about those lost people.

Educational tools

To help them with their work the students will be provided with educational materials specifically developed for them.

Empowerment of students

Each group will set their own objectives, working methodology, as well as the distribution of tasks among them.


Either in groups or individually, students will go to Town Halls, consult local archives, seek testimonies, photos, documents.

Collaborative writing

The students and their teacher will discuss and exchange the information collected, before writing a biogaphy.

Multimedia platform

Written biographies will be posted on the website and made available to families, researchers and general public. A forum will provide participants from different countries with an opportunity to share their experience online.


The students will learn and better understand the historical events that took place in their immediate surroundings, while highlighting the life and fate of deportees of the “convoy 77.”

Latest biographies online

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