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How to choose a deportee?

By accessing to the geolocated position of the deportees, you will be able to :

  1. Know the places of birth, last residence and arrest of all deportees.
  2. Check if the deportee on whose fate you want to work has already been assigned or if a biography already exists.
  3. Choose a deportee whose project is available and can be completed.


You are a teacher and want to participate in the European Project Convoy 77 with your students.

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Work entrusted to pupils

Each group of pupils will receive the available information concerning one of the deportees.

They will carry out a real investigation.

  1. Search (at the town hall, the library, in the local archives, etc.) documents, photographs, testimonials concerning history of this person and his family.
  2. Interview witnesses, historians, etc.
  3. Search for information on the internet.
  4. Form the collected items and write a short biography.

Learn more about finding documents.

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