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European project Convoi 77

To teach Shoah and second world war history through individual fates







Enseigner Autrement

International participation

In each of the 32 countries of birth of the deportees, high school students will look for the traces of people born and / or having lived in the city or the village where they live today

Work procedure

Supervised by a teacher, the students will carry out a real investigation, in order to retrieve information, documents, testimonials on missing persons.

Teaching Tools

To help them in their work, high school students will receive specially developed teaching materials.

Student empowerment

Each group will determine its objectives, its method of work, and the division of tasks among its members.


Alone or in a group, students will go to the town hall, consult the local archives, look for witnesses, photos, documents.

Collaborative writing

The formatting of the information collected for the purpose of writing a biography will be discussed and exchanged between the students and their teacher.

Multimedia platform

The biographies written will be posted on the site and accessible to families, researchers and the general public. A forum will allow participants from different countries to share their experiences on the site.


High school students will be able to know and better understand the historical events that took place in their immediate environment, while allowing the memory of deportees of the convoy 77 to be forgotten.

Last biographies published

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